Our collection of graffiti and street art comes from British and international artists such as Pure Evil, Stinkfish, Snik, MBW, Pejac, the Connor Brothers, Stik, Herr Eiffel, Banksy, Connor Harrington, Bambi and many more. It encompasses spraypaint on canvas, sculptures, silkscreen prints, and a variety of mixed media.

Orthodox Icons

The icons in our collection originate from Greece, Russia and Ethiopia and range between the 16th and 19th century. The collection has been assembled over a 30 year span and includes works from private collections assembled in the 1930s (Hann, Steinhardt, Otto-O’Meara).


Our contemporary paintings section features a variety of work from European, American & African artists. The collection of 1960s abstract works have been particularly popular. In addition, a small selection of old master paintings & drawings are available to accompany the 19th century Dutch works.


In this section you can view carvings and statues from Japan. Netsuke & okimono works in wood and ivory of fine workmanship are available.  Due to limited space at our gallery space some of our pieces are marked as web exclusives, but can be inspected in person by prior arrangement via the contact us page.


Our selection of statues, jade, and porcelain Chinese object d'art come in a wide range of prices and would be a delightful addition to a collectors home.


Our selection of African art pieces ranges from carvings and statues to eclectic paintings and prints. The core of our collection comes from Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt.


The collection of rare coins we offer to our clients comes from all over the world. We pride ourselves for having some very beautiful and rare pieces available. It is recommended to make an appointment for the rarer pieces including the gold Panda series so they may be retrieved ahead of time.


We have a small, but growing collection of fine European and American medals on display at our stalls dating from the 17th to the 19th century.